The Bloomers¹ Guide to the Multiverse.

TL;DR A conscious lifestyle with an alien message: enjoy daily life.

¹Bloomer (noun)
bloom·​er | \ ˈblü-mər  \
1 : someone with a bright outlook on life who is optimistic in nature
2 : any type of mushroom that induces tripping
3 : a person who reaches full competence or maturity
// he was a late bloomer but that didn't stop him from becoming a writer

Depression felt like a life sentence,

life wasn't always so great. Imprisoned by cyclical habits that left me despot, there was always room for a new bottom. Surviving the depths of pain I suffered alone in my shaded room planted seeds of empathy for you that have now had years to bloom.

I clearly recall the moment I hit rock bottom. Staring outside the window, I was at least 400ug of locally synthesized LSD in. If you had asked my friends how I was doing, they would have assumed I had it made. The impressions we give and masks we wear barely scratch the surface of the human experience.

What I saw outside that window sparked hope and gave way to the first optimism I'd felt in years ...

"I finally see what I'm building." - the thought that changed my life.

In front of me was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. It contained a puppy barely 3 months of age playing with his new toy, in his new backyard, on a bright sunny afternoon day.

Moment of hope.

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What is Lifebased?

Lifebased is a unique combination of thought-provoking art, original writing, and lifestyle products to support and encourage personal freedom.

Who am I?

My name is Ardon and I have a decade long history of starting revenue-generating companies. Previously I was a Senior Financial Analyst for a Fortune 500. Infamously online, I am known as Shirtwascash Anon, who is my favorite alter-ego and the Godfather of memewear.

Co-Founder | Upholder
Upholder is a marketing agency for crypto startups raising capital.
Zero to $568k in revenue with a 31.5% margin in 2018
• PR on TechCrunch, PC Magazine, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, Inc Magazine
• Client companies raised over $20M through VC and crowdsourcing

Founder | Shirtwascash
Shirtwascash is the king of meme apparel through community-driven design.
• Profitable since launch
$3.5M in online sales from 60k orders world-wide; $21k Kickstarter
• Content creation for 30k organic followers and 120k email subscribers
• Developed internal processes, team roles, remote environment, KPIs, budgets
• Product creation, shipping logistics, brand, web design and development
• Featured on Betabeat, Daily Dot, Funny or Die, The Chive, BuzzFeed, Tosh.0
• Front page of Reddit, Hackernews, Imgur, Funnyjunk, 9gag, Meme Center

Senior Financial Analyst | ARIA Resort & Casino
Aria is the crown jewel of the MGM Resorts International portfolio.

• Provided analysis and models for divisions totaling over $1B annual revenue
• Wrote MGM International's Quarterly Earnings Call notes for Wall Street
... and more, connect with me on LinkedIn.

This is an initial attempt to create the new identity & platform that both enables longevity in an authentic setting.

This is the beginnings of something I intend to develop over the next decade and is an attempt to dedicate all of my time towards the greatest good I'm capable of. Very idealistic, yes... I'm a millennial.

The new site is being developed to push the boundaries between content-focus and e-commerce. Imagine if you took the best Shopify store blogs and made that the homepage focus with products integrated throughout.

It is community & content-focused first, combining donation models from the likes of BrainPickings with products supplementing the lifestyle of its members. A sort of philosophical lifestyle brand tailored to us.

I tried pivoting Shirtwascash in this direction in several ways but have decided against it. By giving birth to a new direction, Shirtwascash can focus on what it does best: nostalgic and non-commercial memes.

Some of you have spent 5+ years w/ me, which is small but a base to grow from. I am looking to develop the perfect outlet to highlight my personal writings, artwork, unique styles - as well as others. Every product will be developed in-house and will share where it was sourced down to the fibers of the fabric.

I am currently interviewing partners to help boil down this concept to its MVP (minimal viable product) and develop. One of those partners is you - for your invaluable support and feedback.

Some influences I have include:
- How this theme has integrated blog and e-commerce.
How this blog has integrated easy access to different types of media (articles w/ comments, podcast audio, specific write-up landing pages).
How this website has a prominent Donate = Love subscription model.
A selectable blog and page template that has the ability to leave user comments like a blog (located at the bottom).
-A selectable blog and page template with a focus on consultation booking
-A selectable blog and page template with a focus on joining a premium Discourse forum as a main conversion goal.
-Incorporate the idea of "Multi-Dimensional Communication" linking (and sidebar navigation) for visitors to fall down a rabbit hole of reading.

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