I've committed millennial treason

That's it, I've deleted all social media from my cellphone. By doing so, it has set boundaries on:

- # of hours spent (Reddit be damned)
- relief from the urge to check phone
- 100% time saved on anything requiring mobile (Instagram be damned)

Top 3 reasons I did this

1. The Mindless Loop - I became aware of a habit to "mindlessly loop".

This is a predictable cycle of favorite (read: most addictive) apps that can last hours. It was stealing ~10-20 minutes per hour throughout my waking day. My cycle is some variant of Reddit → Email → Instagram → Facebook. Maybe open the browser for good measure.

2. Little to no EV (expected value) or ROTI (return on time invested)

It'd be easy to argue why and how these apps are actually detrimental to my daily psyche. There are countless studies on it and several founders of Facebook regret ruining society. Each post representing an opportunity to play havoc on my internal triggers (good or bad)... I've been waiting by my mailbox for their restitution checks.

To be honest, that's why I'm on social media to begin with... they allow me to feel something but I figure there's a better way to put my life's limited existence to work.

3. Less noise in my life

I give up. I can't fix how stupid people are so I've decided to just focus more on my immediate surroundings.

4 constructive replacements

  1. I am learning to code with kid apps.
    Every morning, instead of going on Instagram, I'm learning Javascript with Grasshopper (iOS | Android). It's actually quite fun.

  2. I'm going back to school - sorta
    By installing Khan Academy (iOS | Android), I gain curriculum to any academic discipline. I'm deciding between Math, History, or Computer Science.

  3. I follow world-leading art and science
    Behance is an online art portfolio featuring many of the world's greatest creatives or read what's new on the #1 science journal.

  4. Harvard University finally accepted me
    I enrolled in a free online course called: Buddhism Through Its Scriptures. It is a 2-4 week course. Learning is way easier when you pick the topics.

Does this resonate with you? What are your anti-social media coping mechanisms or ideas?