TL;DR Simplifying our life cleared space to be more intentional with our focus and feel more in control.

In 2019, my family upgraded away from a 4 bedroom house to a 750 square foot apartment and there's nothing to regret. It's been absolutely freeing. Austin, TX is surely a cliche place to move after committing such treason on the American dream but that's been great too.

In the process of a pivotal life reposition, we've made sure to define and expand our own styles of decor, simplify our clothes, diversify musical taste, and more. It's allowed us to worry less, maintain habits better, and feel more in control.

A few changes include:

  • Moving to a one bedroom apartment from a 4 bedroom house
  • Relocating from Vegas city life to living next to Austin's national park
  • Selling the fancy cars in favor of the badass mountain bike, Uber, and one vehicle
  • No more TVs (we had three..) in favor of a library card
  • I've added managers in my business to pursue other means of growth
  • We gave away most of our clothes, ridiculous amount of silverware and other non-essentials (we filled two 20 yard trash bins before moving)

Smaller living doesn't have to mean bland nor boring. Quite the contrary, every item we own whether it be our toothbrush holders or walls become more important and is an opportunity to connect more personally - to invigorate and feel at home.

This has been an evolution and closer examination of what makes life worth living. It's a new base from which to grow. A clearing of clutter and distraction from our environment to build a life worthy of moving forward.