Life’s too short to be attached to any one idear, career, or version of ourselves. Don’t be afraid to let Shiva sing. Rebirth through new beginnings is a magical thing.

Stay in touch with what feels light, right, and novel to one's self. Then surrender to a daily flow of moving toward. When our actions ring true their deeds carry forward.

There is no failure or falling when the journey is appreciated and seen as our calling.

We are born capable of broadcasting a unique vibration. Slow, low, high, soft, it's all one beautiful orchestration.

That message needs to ring true or else we grow rotten. Losing the path, or our purpose, is simple then forgotten.

If our gut says this life isn’t it, we shout hooray! It's a reminder we've gone astray and it's time to play.

Trust ourselves to lean in and carry forward. Consider limitless possibility, success, and love in life's new orchard.