Our Manifesto

  • BE BRAVE We accept that we're imperfect, awesome, and unique. Who we are and what we're about is more important than others’ opinions or our own inner dialogue. We seek to understand ourselves and express the things that make us different. Our differences are the keys to that which makes us great.
  • BE AUTHENTIC Honesty is our only language. We will stay genuine to others and our values. We realize it’s a standard most won’t share but the friends we make will truly care. Social media likes do not define us as we already know our own worthiness.
  • TAKE OWNERSHIP We am leaders. No one is ever to blame but us. We take ownership of all the shortcomings, chores, breakups, and successes in our lives. Others’ weaknesses do not deter us and we have no time for excuses.
  • BE OPTIMISTIC Optimism is why we always dream BIG. We can rely on it. It’s the light that shines even in the most dire times. It keeps us positive and curious. It leads us to our biggest failures which teach important lessons of self growth. Two words, “Bring it!”

Time is the only resource we can never get back. We dare to turn off our notifications and explore more. The world is a playground for individualists and inspirational freaks. As long as the spirit of this manifesto still exists inside of us, We're empowered to test life’s boundaries and see what impact we can create.

In saying all of this, it’s time for change. If this speaks to you, please share with one friend and consider joining our online community.