Here's what we do. If you're reading this right now, follow these steps as soon as you wake up tomorrow.

  1. Wake up, drink water.
  2. Don't use your phone. Don't disturb your peace. Turn off and avoid all technology.
  3. Make some tea :)
  4. Write, read different books, exercise, meditate, play an instrument, go outside, soak in the sun, chill with the trees, sing, rap, poetry, paint, draw, build, CREATE.
  5. Do this when you're not flipping burgers or waiting tables. And suddenly those jobs won't be so terrible. Suddenly your mind is clear and you are able to bring fun into any situation.
  6. Don't allow any screen time. Maybe one movie every few nights. Suddenly those movies are oddly more engaging and trippy. Almost feels like a dream.
  7. Don't listen to individual songs, listen to albums you've never heard. And don't drown yourself in music. Respect the album, respect the music and take the time to fully soak it in.
  8. Avoid social media, reddit, youtube, safari, chrome, all of that. There's nothing to see here. Maybe a few great lectures and documentaries, but nobody watchin those anyways.
  9. Avoid all processed foods. All of it. Some people suggest going vegan and im currently experimenting with it but don't know how it'll go. Our ancestors used to kill for survival and they used to bless the animal before they killed it. What we're doing now doesn't feel the same. But then again im no nutritionist so don't take me so seriously. Im jus experimenting with my mind n body right now and you should too.
  10. Break out of the matrix and slowly watch how others move. Some that walk amongst us are npcs. There is much to learn and much more to unlearnp.
  11. Spread your new found calmness, and euphoria, and happiness. Share the message with all of the poor folk stuck inside a screen. Tell them how ironic it is that our smart phones are making us dumb.
  12. We are all addicted to something. Terrible Toxic Food, Technology, Porn, Drugs, Houses, Apartments, Coffee, etc etc etc
  13. Lets change that one habit at a time. Lets challenge ourselves to THRIVE. I'm writing this as motivation to myself. To make sure im on point and to make sure I don't go back on my word.